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Auto-Lab Express® Certified Technicians Perform 4x4 Inspections

The condition of your 4x4 differential cases and transfer case is important to the overall performance of your car. With both of these parts being in less than optimal condition, turning corners would be difficult and power from your transmission to the front and rear drivers shafts would be lessened or disabled. Our 4x4 inspections allow us to make sure that everything in your front and rear differentials and your transfer case is working in optimal condition. 

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Why is it Important to Service Your Differentials?

The differential is the place that contains the lubricating fluid that helps cool gears down in the front and rear shafts of your vehicle. Just like other engine lubricants, over time, the fluids will break down, causing build up of debris that can cause further damage later on. There are very specific oils that should be flushed through your differentials and the best way to service these is to let a certified technician from Auto-Lab Express® take care of it during your quick lane service visit with us. If you drive hard, meaning towing a lot of things, offroading, and often in severe conditions, it is recommended that you have your differential serviced more frequently to maintain the integrity of your vehicle parts. 

I have had work done on my car here several times. The staff has always been friendly, they have given me options, and the price is reasonable. Thanks! - Mike Wozniak
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Transfer Cases are Responsible for Making All Wheel Drive Work

Without a transfer case that is in good condition, 4x4 drive would not be an option. For those who use 4x4 drive often, it is critical to ensure that your transfer case is serviced frequently, replacing old lubricants with fresh fluids. We recommend that your transfer case be checked every time you get your oil change to prevent problems down the road. Auto-Lab Express® employs professionals who know what to look for to ensure your vehicle is in good driving condition. Trust us with your 4x4 service needs and drive safer on the road by visiting Auto-Lab Express Park Forest. 

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