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Transmission Filter Replacement

Transmission Filter Services at Auto-Lab Express® Park Forest, IL

Your transmission filter is an important piece of your vehicle because it prevents contaminants such as dirt, debris, and more from collecting inside of your transmission via your transmission fluid and affecting its performance. If your filter fails and your transmission becomes clogged with dirt and debris, more drastic measures will be necessary to clean the transmission and keep your vehicle operating as it should be. Prevent filter failure by letting our certified technicians inspect and replace your transmission filter during your routine maintenance visit at Auto-Lab Express® Park Forest. 

autolab express transmission filter change park forest, IL

How Will You Know if You Have a Bad Transmission Filter? 

Some of the recognizable symptoms of a bad transmission filter include rattling noises, whining noises, leaking fluids, a burning smell, difficulty changing gears, and more. Although these symptoms don’t singularly correlate with a faulty transmission filter, they are certainly things to suggest something is wrong. For a full diagnosis and to have your transmission filter replaced, visit Auto-Lab Express® Park Forest where one of our auto care professionals will be able to help.

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