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Transmission Fluid Exchange

Transmission Fluid Exchange & Flush Services

As part of your regular car maintenance, transmission fluid exchange is an essential step in helping your engine and transmission operate efficiently. Transmission fluid is used to clean the internal components of your transmission in addition to keeping them cool, well-lubricated, and aids in maintaining an optimal hydraulic pressure. Visit Auto-Lab Express® Park Forest for reliable transmission fluid exchange services today!

Transmission Fluid replacement Park Forest, IL

Routine Maintenance Care Can Prevent Bigger Damage Down the Road

Our technicians will replace your old transmission fluid with new fluid to prevent the used fluid from creating buildup and debris that can damage your transmission over time. Old transmission fluid also loses the ability to disperse heat as the liquid lubrication wears, affecting other parts of your vehicle such as the clutch. Depending on what your car owner's manual says, the length of time over which you should exchange your transmission fluid may vary. In general we suggest never going longer than 30,000 miles before exchanging it. If you drive larger vehicles or use them to tow things often that result in more wear and tear, we suggest exchanging your fluid even more frequently to keep your vehicle operating efficiently. 

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